Inclusion at Errington Primary

  • Inclusive ethos.
  • Problem solving approach.
  • Outdoor Learning.
  • Team of Learning support assistants.
  • Work closely with the local authority to meet the needs of those with additional needs.




The work that you are undertaking at the Haven is superb. Your insight, sensitivity and attuned understanding of the range of your students’ needs is clear, and your energy, determination and creativity in meeting those needs shines through. You demonstrate clear thought, and in finding such direct ways to overcome what are often very considerable presenting barriers, to everyone around you, you make your very positive outcomes appear incredibly simple. The results of your, and your team’s, interventions are already outstanding.

Thank you so much for your contribution to our shared work. I am delighted to have had opportunity to witness such progression within the Haven under your leadership and direction, and I look forward to working closely with again you over time.

Senior Educational Psychologist