Wednesday 22nd May, 2024

Dragons Den at Errington Primary School

What a fantastic achievement from our year 6 pupils over at Errington Primary School.

As part of the ‘Creating Active Schools’ initiative, a group of Year 6 pupils were invited to submit a bid to the ‘Dragons’ (a team of Sports Partnership representatives and industry investors) for £3000.
The bid had to be based on information gathered around the activity and physical literacy of pupils and the investment had to be sustainable, whilst impacting on the widest cross section of pupils possible.
The group of eight pupils conducted extensive surveys, asking all the pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 about their knowledge of the sixty active minutes agenda and attitudes towards physical activity and play during the school day.
They found that pupils expressed a strong aversion towards engaging in ‘traditional’ sports and rowdy games during breaktimes.
As such, the group presented their findings to the Dragons at Teesside University and secured a bid in which to buy equipment that will engage and enthuse.
They had sourced and ordered a range of items, significantly ‘Blaze pods’ and ‘Gibbon Boards