Monday 15th April, 2024

Rugby Futures

Students who attend Endeavour at Prior Pursglove College had an amazing opportunity to attend a 6 session course called Rugby Futures, a programme facilitated by the Newcastle Falcons.

Funded and supported by Electricity North East as a further commitment to the development of the area in and around Teesworks and working with the Teesworks Skills Academy to further support the communities alongside the growth of the area.

The aim of the programme was to build on the `Values needed for the world of work`.

The coaches facilitated sessions on how linking the values you use in sport can be linked with the values you need in work and equipped our students with essential personal characteristics that build relationships based on trust, self-awareness, communication, resilience, and emotional intelligence that are crucial for success in any area of life.

The sessions were led by Olympian Chris Cook, Lysa Morrison and Jake Vandervelde and the impact on our students was phenomenal.

We are hoping to run a second round very shortly – watch this space…